Victoria Trail Voyageur Experience

The Victoria Trail Voyageur Experience is a new immersive tourism experience that links the fur trade story with Métis Crossing and Victoria Settlement Provincial Historic Site. With a qualified guide from Haskin Canoe enjoy an authentic Voyageur canoe trip on the scenic North Saskatchewan river that is one of Alberta’s historic fur trade routes.

Explore Métis culture and saunter into a fur trapping camp where you will learn about the fur trade and how the Métis were entwined in the fur trade for hundreds of years. Discover how the Métis acted as guides, interpreters, clerks, canoe men, and fur packers. At the Sinclair House learn the steps to the Red River Jig or partake in the “Infinity Sash” weaving project, which is an ongoing interactive weaving experience to gain a deeper understanding of the symbolism and meaning of the Métis Sash.

Led by a qualified canoe guide with Haskin Canoe, find yourself in a Voyageur canoe paddling on the North Saskatchewan River and singing French Voyageur songs. Keep your eye out for signs of beaver and Canada Geese as you paddle across to Beaver Island. Feel your paddle catch the water as you dream of Voyageurs paddling in a cadence of 40 strokes per minute.

Step back into the 1860s at Victoria Settlement to gain another level of respect for the Voyageurs who would each carry two 90 pound packs over portages on their long treks across Canada. Smell the leather tumpline that is secured across your forehead when you carry the not so heavy pack. Enter the 1864 Clerk’s Quarters of the Hudson’s Bay Company Fort Victoria to develop an emotional connection by participating in the “Meeting the Pioneers of Pakan: Letter Sharing Activity”, hearing stories of the early settlers in Alberta.

Step into the past with an immersive program offered jointly with Métis Crossing and Haskin Canoe.

This pre-registered program allows you to step into the past and experience aspects of fur trade life. With interactive activities hosted by Victoria Settlement, a Voyageur canoe ride, and cultural experiences at Métis Crossing, this program is a favourite of visitors of all ages.

Preparation Checklists

  • Outdoor clothing appropriate to the weather. This could include rubber boots, rain gear, coats and mitts, sunscreen, and bug spray.
  • You are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy before or after the program.


The following dates for 2018 will be open for public or FIT travellers:

  • June 9, 10, 23, 24,
  • July 21
  • August 18, 24, 25, 26

Tour Operator Net Rates and group rates are available. Tour Group and FIT bookings for the Victoria Trail Voyageur Experience are made through our program partner Metis Crossing

Custom group tours can be provided to accommodate your groups special needs and to find a date and time that works for your group.

Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for more information about dates for summer 2018.

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